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We offer various types of cutting dies, specialty tooling, and associated products custom designed and manufactured to meet the needs and challenges manufacturers face today. Please review our product line and the in-depth tooling descriptions below. Our product information and descriptions will aid you in selecting the right tool to get the job right.

Clicker Dies, Forged Dies,Walker Dies
Custom Dies, Specialty Tooing, Custom Presses
RF Seal & Cut Tooling, Tear Seal RF Dies, Heat Sealing Dies
Pre-Hard / Pre-Sharp Dies, Tex (Serrated) Preharp Dies, Flex Dies, Viking Dies
Custom Steel Rule Dies, High Rule Dies

    FORGED DIES: These dies are bent from annealed tool steel, then fully hardened and tempered, and finally ground and sharpened by our expert die makers. These are our strongest and most durable dies.

    PRE-SHARP DIES: These dies are bent from pre-hardened and pre-sharpened steel. These are not as durable and strong as our forged dies, but are great for lighter materials and short run cutting.

    MACHINED & SPECIALTY DIES: Dies that are CNC and machine cut from solid blocks of steel for more intricate components, custom dies and design.

    RADIO FREQUENCY & THERMAL HEAT SEALING DIES: Brass and aluminum tools used in heat sealing vinyl’s and urethanes using high frequency radio waves and presses or sealing / embossing dies using presses with heated platens or heated heads.

    EMBOSS PLATES & DIES: Custom built specialty dies produced from acid etched magnesium plates or steel or aluminum for imprinting designs and logos into many assumed emboss-able materials.

    STEEL RULE DIES: Pre-sharpened die steel that is inserted into a wood, plastic, lexan or composite boards.

    SUPPLIES & SERVICES: From tube replacement and resharpening to pattern and engineering design we can assist you with most any need when it comes to your die needs.

In all we want to be your sole source for forged cutting dies, pre-sharp dies, machined cutting dies and custom presses, as well as  a wide range of tubes, punches, stabs, cutouts, ejection rubber and many other die support items and replacement parts to help keep your cutting dies and tooling in the best possible working order.

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