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Steel Rule dies are manufactured utilizing a thin wall, pre-hardened, pre-sharpened cutting blade that is inserted into a dieboard which supports the flexible die walls. The thickness and heights of steel used varies for each individual cutting project. The dieboards that the steel is inserted into may be constructed from various materials to include but not limited too: plywood, lexan, aluminum and other types of wood.

Steel rule dies are typically used for trimming moderate volumes of thin gauge parts or for prototyping of heavy gauge parts. They are low cost trim tooling options that are generally well adapted for shorter runs and projects that do not require tight tolerance. While most steel rule dies have joints that are “butt” fitted together, which leaves a slight gap in joints, we have the ability to weld the joints to create a strong joint which will assist in reducing joint separation commonly caused by materials forcing the joints apart over time.

We have built steel rule dies for companies making the smallest of parts to large automotive interior components. Companies that typically utilize these tools produce gaskets, paper products, thermoformed packaging, foam products and many others.

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