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Custom punches and soild machined dies are manufactured from a solid piece of high carbon steel or other tool steel. They are generally CNC machined, milled, routed or EDM wire cut, depending on the degree of accuracy and final shape required in the final components or part being cut. Once machined they are heat treated in our modern heat treating furnace as is done with forged dies.

Typically these dies are used in cutting small, intricate or very close tolerance parts where forged or pre-sharp dies are not practical. The cut depth on these dies can vary, depending on the depth required by the customer. These dies have been used in the cutting of more intricate, smaller more complicated internal cut outs found in gaskets, foam components, leather parts, specialty inserts and cutouts in clicker dies as well as multi-axis trim systems, RF heat sealing tools and appliqués.

Specialty dies are just that! Should you need a custom die that does a specific function, need a special gauge, or just need that special bell or whistle to get the job done, we are here to help you reach your goal. Our outstanding problem solving abilities are backed by years of experience and testing can be your personal tool to make the tooling conception a reality. Call us to discuss your needs.

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