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Radio Frequency, or RF, Heat Sealing dies and tools are used in the sealing and trimming of products created from, but not limited to vinyl, urethane, laminated fabrics, plastic packaging materials and impregnated foams. The tools are produced from stock tear seal brass rule, standard bar stock brass or custom machined, either hand milled or CNC’ed, to fit a customers designs and patterns. Although brass is the most common and preferred material utilized in the construction of these tools, aluminum and steel has been used effectively as well.

Laminated fabrics, some urethanes and other difficult to tear seal materials require more complex tool known as “articulating dies” or “seal & cut tooling”. Seal & cut dies are a combination of a brass bar seal die with a perimeter secondary cut provided by either a forged cutting die or a pre-sharp die. The equipment used for this operation is usually an “air over hydraulic” heat sealer, which completes the typical pre-seal, seal and cool cycle's. When the cool cycle is complete the machine kicks in the hydraulic system to compress the brass and trim the final part from the waste.

By combining our knowledge of cutting dies and RF tooling we have assisted customers who have produced items such as medical inflatables, packaging closures, children's toys, life preservers, automotive insulators as well as many, many others.

Thermal seal and emboss dies are used to form, or form and trim, materials using heated dies. These dies can be used with a heated press head or by themselves using an integrated heated coil / cartridge. Thermal seal dies can be equipped with cutting blades and internal punches allowing forming and cutting to occur at the same time. Many company's manufacturing and converting materials containing resins and binders such as automotive insulators, foams and textiles use these types of thermal seal and seal and trim dies in their processes.

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