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Flex dies or “pre-hard, pre-sharp” cutting dies are manufactured from a mill finished steel that has both a pre-hardened and pre-sharpened cutting edge. We receive the die stock in coil form from our supplier in both straight edge (Flex Dies) and serrated edge (Tex Dies) stock. The roll stock steel is cut to length and bent around a tin created from your supplied pattern or drawing. When the shape is complete the edges are welded closed for a seamless edge. Finally, steel bars or braces are placed in the die to support the soft steel in the back of the die.

Tex dies or “serrated dies” are created in the same manner as the Flex dies, however the steel is supplied to us with a serrated cutting edge. This allows the die to penetrate the lay of material with more ease, specifically cutting back on the amount of pressure necessary to cut. In addition Tex Dies help to alleviate fusing on some materials and to assist in cutting bottom layers of material such as fabrics that may leave threads connected to the waste.

Although it was typically used for short production runs where forged dies were not cost effective, manufacturing process’ have greatly improved and increased the life expectancy of this type of steel, which makes it a viable alternative to forged dies in many applications.

Steel heights of pre-sharp dies are 19mm (3/4”), 32mm (1 1/4”), and 50mm (2”) with thickness’ of 3mm, 4mm and 5mm.

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